The configuration of the TDO provides a wide effective bearing spread, making it ideal for applications in which overturning moments are a significant load component. TDO bearings can be used in fixed positions or allowed to float in the housing bore.

Size range:

ID 25.400 mm to 1200.150 mm (1.0000 in.  to 47.2500 in.) OD 30.480 mm to 2460.000 mm (1.2000 in.  to 96.8504 in.)

Design Attributes:

  • Double cup and two single cones, with or without a spacer.
  • When spacers are used, bearing is furnished as a preset, matched assembly.
  • Cup features groove and lubrication holes in the OD.
  • Spacers available with or without lubricant grooves and holes.


  • Heavy-duty gear drives
  • Various industrial configurations