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Timken® Premium Wheel Hub Units

With our application and engineering expertise, comprehensive service and support, and a strong reputation for quality, we design our premium wheel hub units to improve the efficiency, safety and reliability of automotive applications. We offer a full line of aftermarket premium wheel hub units, including Generation 1, 2 and 3. Plus, Timken premium wheel hub units last twice as long as economy-line units. * Watch our hub performance video: * We benchmarked our manufactured wheel hub units against competitive economy-line products. The bearings were for the same vehicle application and were evaluated using the same test conditions. Information derived from Timken Standard Hub/Bearing Accelerated Durability Rig Test. Testing methods accepted by original equipment manufacturers. (SP450300, 513200). Weibull life based on statistically small sample size.

Features and Benefits

  • Low runout reduces noise and vibration to improve braking performance.
  • Premium seals designed to help prevent installation damage and provide enhanced protection for extended bearing life and durability.
  • Engineered premium bearings for extended life and improved fuel efficiency (tapered roller and ball bearings).
  • Advanced Sensor Technology monitors wheel speed for Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS).
  • Precision fits control internal bearing clearances to help maintain proper bearing setting.
  • Produced from clean, high-quality, high-alloy steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Contains premium grease to help improve performance and extend bearing life: reduces torque and temperature, enables greater bearing roller traction, enhanced protection against wear, rust, and contamination.

Ongoing validation, quality control and testing

  • We audit and validate every component supplier and sub-supplier, including all their manufacturing, machining and finishing processes.
  • We conduct metallurgical testing for steel strength and durability, including material composition, cleanliness and heat treat.

Strict Product Performance Testing

  • Hub durability and fatigue testing: Validates strength and structural fatigue performance (resistance to cracking).
  • Flange runout testing: Helps ensure low runout and rotor deflection for better braking performance.
  • Stud Twist-off and push-out testing: Helps ensure interface between stud and hub is robust to prevent stripping (stud should break first to enable replacement in existing hub) – critical for strength and proper installation.
  • Seal durability and performance testing: Seals undergo mud slurry, elevated temperature and water spray testing to validate performance and durability.
  • Bearing durability testing: Validates rolling contact fatigue performance (resistance to spalling damage) to help ensure extended bearing life and improved performance.
  • ABS sensor output testing: Verification that sensor meets system requirements and will work properly with ABS/vehicle dynamics system – signal strength, sensitivity, digital output, etc. for traction, navigation and vehicle dynamics control on passive and active sensors.
  • Safe launch process: Visual and functional inspection to make sure it’s ready for installation.

Wheel End Environment Testing (computer controlled)

  • Cyclic Environmental Conditions.
  • Water Spray.
  • Circulating Dust.
  • Mud/Slurry Spray.
  • Salt Spray.
  • Heat.

Design Attributes:

  • Manufactured from super-clean alloy steel for increased reliability, performance and life.
  • Precise internal raceway profiles reduce stress on bearing components by distributing the loads evenly across contact surfaces – increasing load-carrying capacity.
  • Uniform internal geometry, including angle of contact for cones and rollers, creates a precise match between cup and cone – extending bearing life.
  • Advanced finishing processes generate smoother surface finishes on races and rollers to reduce friction – helping increase fuel efficiency.
  • Premium, low-torque, double-lip seals designed for maximum retention of lubrication.
  • Enhanced protection against contamination for extended bearing life and durability.
  • Ease of installation: Reinforced outer case helps prevent installation damage and enhances durability.
  • Enhanced sealing: Ribbed rubber inner diameter designed to seal minor spindle imperfections and promote positive spindle seating.
  • Resistance to seal lip damage: Internal contamination exclusion system helps prevent debris penetration which may lead to leakage.
  • Optimal seal life: Vent holes allow lubricants to flow freely around the seal lip – cooling seal components and removing heat build-up.
ABS Sensors
  • Designed to monitor wheel speed, road conditions and work with other systems within the vehicle consistently – for reliable and better braking performance.
  • Produced from clean, high-quality, high-alloy steel for rugged strength and durability.


Light and medium-duty vehicles (aftermarket)