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Sustainable Expertise: Tracking the Sun to Power the Earth in Timken World

New solar installations eclipsed new wind builds last year—a trend expected to continue through 2021 as the world transitions to more renewables. Cone Drive by Timken is the unequivocal leader in precision motion control solutions for solar tracker systems

Advanced Bearing System Analysis, Powered by Humans in Timken World

Timken’s Syber Bearing System Analysis platform helps application engineers work with customers to find the best bearing for any given power train system. Three engineers who know it inside-out discuss what makes the platform uniquely useful—and uniquely Timken.

Timken Service Engineers Triage and Treat Costly Equipment Challenges in Timken World

Time is money in every industry, and interruptions don’t always happen during regular business hours. When customers have an emergency at 2 a.m., Timken service engineers leap into problem-solving mode—restoring uptime, limiting losses, and promoting safe operations.

Positioning Timken for Robotic Leadership in Timken World

Timken subsidiaries, Cone Drive and Rollon, are developing innovative solutions for industrial robotics, serving OEMs as well as industries such as automotive, rail and logistics.

Solar Power: Mohave Desert, California in Timken World

BrightSource Energy’s Ivanpah power plant turns the intense sunlight of the Mohave into electricity for 140,000 California homes. To optimize output, the team relies on Cone Drive gear sets to precisely position 173,000 heliostats.

Design World: How SCHEUERLE Scaled the Andes to Construct the ALMA Telescope in Timken World

The Atacama Large Millimeter Array sits atop a plateau in the Andes. How it got there is a story of high-altitude engineering.

Automating Lubrication. Reducing Risk and Costs. in Timken World

As demand for automatic lubrication systems grows, Groeneveld-BEKA offers Timken customers innovation, expertise and selection.

Helping Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Hit Their Targets in Timken World

As electric vehicles make headlines, Timken engineers help auto suppliers deliver increasingly power-dense, fuel-efficient solutions.

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Timken offers a variety of training resources, including training that can be tailored to your audience and delivered at your site. Where no standard training program exists to address your needs, we have a network of friction management and power transmissions experts around the world who can be called on to provide their bearing expertise.

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