What's RSS? 

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to distribute new content to users of RSS readers or news aggregators. RSS feeds are XML files that generally contain simple headlines or titles and brief descriptions; if a user wishes to read more about a particular item, they click on the link to go to the corresponding website.


How does RSS work in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007?

RSS readers, such as the one built into Office Outlook 2007, allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds and then read content or follow links for additional information. If you use Microsoft Outlook 2007, then you can use it to stay updated with the Timken Wind Energy Expert Center. Whenever you see a link to a feed, or an RSS icon such as the one at the top of this page, just click. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 will automatically subscribe you to that RSS Feed.


What if I don't have Microsoft Outlook 2007? How do I subscribe to RSS feeds?

To subscribe to a RSS feed, you must have a RSS reader or news aggregator. There are many readers on the web that can be downloaded for free as well as full-featured versions that can be purchased. There are free web-based readers like Google Reader and Bloglines as well as RSS features on web browsers like Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox (Live Bookmarks).


To subscribe to a RSS feed:

  • Select the RSS feed to which you'd like to subscribe. You can usually find if a site offers a RSS feed by locating the orange RSS icon. Click the orange icon to go to the RSS feed.
  • Copy the URL of the RSS feed from the web address bar.
  • Open your reader, select "Add" and insert the URL.


Note: RSS feeds will be updated automatically when there is new content. Your reader will then update the feed.


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