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Wind Turbine Bearing Replacement or Remanufacture ... Which Option is Best For You?

10/3/2011 8:00:00 AM | Sustainable Solutions for Wind Energy | Comments | Brad Baldwin |

When it comes to wind-turbine maintenance, the ultimate goal is to be as cost efficient as possible to secure maximum uptime and turbine productivity. With the right know-how and supplier-partners, you can salvage as many components as possible in an overhaul to minimize both repair costs and the financial impact on your investment.

Many other process industries, such as paper and metal, use rigorous predictive maintenance programs to repair critical bearings, sometimes two and three times within a maintenance cycle, in an effort to maximize machine life and get the most out of each component. But for wind turbines, access to the equipment is not easy or cheap, so the decision to pull a main-shaft or gearbox bearing is often outweighed by the costs of crane rental and turbine downtime. So what value does professional bearing remanufacture offer wind turbine owners and operators?

Timken has the experience and resources to help you figure this out. Specifically, we can help you:
  • Determine when bearing remanufacture is the better option over bearing replacement as well as the economics of bearing remanufacture and upgrades.
  • Identify the different types of bearing damage modes, and which are candidates for remanufacture or replacement.

Using our capabilities in bearing technology, manufacturing, application knowledge and engineering, we provide wind-turbine owners and operators with smart, cost-effective wind-energy solutions that help improve turbine performance, extend equipment life and lower total cost of ownership. Whether you need bearing remanufacture, replacement or upgrades, Timken can help bring you the sustainability your wind turbines need.

Give us a call to find out if bearing remanufacture has a place within your wind-turbine maintenance strategy.

What is your biggest challenge when choosing between wind-turbine bearing remanufacture and replacement?


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