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Does Increased Wind-Turbine Uptime Sound Appealing? Timken’s New UltraWind P1 Wind Energy Seal Can Help

7/26/2011 8:00:00 AM | Sustainable Solutions for Wind Energy | Comments | Rick Borowski |

You may have heard about our EcoTurn™ Labyrinth Seal for railroad applications. It is an advanced, energy-efficient (low torque) seal for railroad freight car bearings. We now continue this tradition of advanced seal designs by introducing the UltraWind P1 Wind Energy Seal.

Timken Polyurethane Seal for Wind Energy Applications One unique feature of the new seal is its use of polyurethane, which increases its abrasion-resistance. When compared to other standard elastomer seals used on wind-turbine bearings, such as NBR (nitrile) and HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile), the abrasion resistance of polyurethane is three to four times greater, as determined by standard abrasion-resistance bench tests.

There are several variables that can affect seal life, such as speeds, surface finish, lubricant type, bearing deflections, environmental temperatures and contaminants to name just a few. So you always need to keep in mind that, depending on these variables, a specific seal that is designed for a specific period in one application may last for a differing length of time in another.

  • UltraWind P1 Seal: Unique Design
  • Another key to long-life performance is the P1 seal’s design. It has a “balanced design.” It has been designed to utilize the wear-resistance properties of the polyurethane material. Here’s how: the P1 seal element needs to be able to accommodate the deflections that would typically be seen in large, wind-turbine bearings. Consequently, because it is stiffer than other sealing materials, the polyurethane seal design must also allow for flexing of the contact lip without developing too much stress in that area. And that’s the nature of the “balanced design.”

    Additionally, Timken testing has shown favorable operating torque and temperatures of the P1 seal when compared to other commonly used wind-turbine seals. And the P1 seal is a direct retrofit to existing standard elastomer seals. It is available in solid and split styles for use in original equipment and aftermarket applications.

  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased uptime, extended service life and reduced total cost of ownership are critical to our customers’ operations – whether original-equipment manufacturers, wind-farm owners and operators or service providers. We can deliver. We’re continually innovating new products to help improve wind-turbine performance.

    Let’s see what we can do for you.

    How can the long-life benefits of Timken’s polyurethane seal help improve performance in your wind-turbine applications?



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