Timken M15 Modular Magnetic Encoder 

The Timken M15 Modular Magnetic Encoder is a high-resolution modular incremental encoder offering reliable performance at an economical price. Its patented magnetic technology provides operational advantages over conventional optical encoders in high-temperature, shock and vibration environments. The M15 encoder handles a wider range of shaft end play and run out than modular optical encoders and offers more reliability in particulate-laden environments.


The modular encoder is available in a range of resolutions with 4/6/8/12 pole commutation and reference pulse options. The mechanical design provides for +/- 9 degrees of adjustment of the housing to align the signal outputs to the shaft position. The magnetic target is index marked for possible shaft positioning alignment. Air gap tolerance makes installation of the hub quick and easy.


The Modular Magnetic Encoder includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection circuitry. A patented differential magnetic sensor circuit design protects it from interfering magnetic fields. The modular unit is well suited for a range of applications, including stepper motor positioning and anti-stall feedback, DC brush-type motor positioning, brushless DC (BLDC) and servo motor control using the commutation options.


Key Operational Features


  • Non-contacting, compact design
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • High resistance to dirt and debris
  • Rugged electromechanical package
  • Range of resolutions
  • High degree of programmable functionality
  • Integration of full feedback sensing into application


Key Benefits


  • Long operational life
  • Consistent performance
  • Customized for application
  • Confident operation in tough environments