High Resolution, Incremental Angle Sensors 

High Resolution, Incremental Angle Sensors provide sensing for angular motion of mechanical components in stationary and mobile industrial equipment. Our entire line of rugged, non-contacting, field-proven angle sensors help provide safer, more efficient and reliable systems.

Like all of our motion sensor solutions, our High Resolution, Incremental Angle Sensors are the result of our expertise in the Hall effect and magnetic targets. These sensors are customized for your application and help provide long operational life and consistent performance, and stand up to tough environments.


Design Attributes

  • Provides quadrature output (speed and direction).
  • Offers complete 360 degrees of motion (multi-turn).
  • Available in standard or custom configurations.
  • Uses the Timken Multiplying Encoder ASIC to provide high resolution.
  • Features incremental angular position sensor with discrete reference pulse.
  • Rugged electromechanical package offers high resistance to dirt and debris.


  • Axle positions in off-highway applications
  • Drivetrain and chassis within steering and braking systems for automotive applications

Case Studies
Sensor Technology Provides Breakthrough Performance for Bobcat: Timken technologies contribute to all-wheel steering capabilities for skid-steer loaders and utility work machines.