Rolamentos DuraSpexx® e DuraSpexx® Power Rating Series 

To withstand the tough operating conditions found in many industrial applications, Timken offers two product lines that help improve bearing life in intense environments: DuraSpexx® and the DuraSpexx® Power Rating Series.


DuraSpexx bearings are modified designs that offer enhancements to improve bearing life in demanding applications with harsh environments. Timken engineers use sophisticated, application-focused computer programs to help you model your operating environment and recommend specially-designed bearings that yield longer life.


Our DuraSpexx Power Rating Series consists of defined part numbers – tapered single (TS), tapered double outer (TDO) and tapered thrust heavy duty (TTHD) bearings – that have standard lead times. This series leverages our technical capabilities for a 23 percent bearing rating increase and up to a 100 percent bearing life increase.

Design Attributes 

  • Enhanced materials reduce inclusion-related damage.
  • Surface finishing options reduce peeling and fatigue in high temperature and thin lubricant film environments.
  • Profiled geometry distributes stress more evenly under high load and/or misalignment.
  • Series of features on standard designs enhances performance without the need for a costly total system redesign.

Additional design attributes for the Power Rating Series include:
  • Smaller housings help reduce overall system weight.
  • Design accommodates higher levels of power, speed and torque; raises equipment life rating; and lengthens maintenance intervals and reduces power consumption.



    DuraSpexx bearings are engineered for use in:
    • Heavy truck wheels
    • Crawler sprockets
    • Torque hubs
    • Sheaves
    • Gear drives
    • Rolling mill drives and roll necks
    • Mining equipment
    • Aerospace applications

    DuraSpexx Power Rating Series bearings are ideal for:
    • Heavy load industrial applications such as gear drives, rolling mills and oil field equipment