Our global team of highly trained engineers and researchers applies the latest techniques to solve issues inherent in consumer products. Because we understand this complex market, we can partner with you to reduce the total cost of your machines.

Greater Power Density for Two- and Four-Cycle Engines
Assembling custom connecting rods with needle roller bearings in two-cycle engines helps reduce friction and enhance power density. Solutions for recreational four-cycle engines evolve from innovations for automotive engines.


Less Noise, Less Vibration in Recreational Vehicles
 Our solutions for power transmission and chassis applications in recreational vehicles help reduce noise and improve user satisfaction.



Outdoor Power Equipment Withstands High Loads, Speeds and Temperatures
 From lawn and garden projects to professional tree work and landscaping, Timken products withstand high loads, speeds and temperatures — and support the drive for cleaner emissions.


More Power, Less Noise, Less Vibration for Power Tools
 Timken develops bearing and component designs that meet power density and weight reduction requirements. Our products also help control noise and vibration in many tools, from drills and circular saws to planers and grinders.
Quieter, Smoother Performance for Fitness Equipment
As exercise equipment becomes more varied and sophisticated, Timken continues to meet diverse requirements for efficient friction management, envelope restrictions, cost effectiveness and reduced noise.
Longer Life for Household Appliances
With Timken products and engineering support, household appliance manufacturers find solutions that help save handling and installation time, optimize service life and save money.