Timken solutions for two- and four-stroke engines, power tools, recreational vehicles and exercise equipment are based on our knowledge of motion, friction management and power.


Plus, with more than 90 years as a world-leading steelmaker, we evaluate and recommend the best materials — including alloy and stainless steel, ceramics and polymers — to meet our customers’ (and their consumers’) performance goals.


Design Expertise
Timken engineers analyze customer-provided data and suggest the best designs to address specific application issues — or develop new designs with added features to extend service life.

The innovations we offer consumer product manufacturers often derive from the solutions we develop for other industries. For example, our solutions for four-stroke engines, drivetrains and steering are based on the proven designs we pioneered for automotive applications. In addition, sensor technology we've developed for automotive and industrial customers give consumer product manufacturers new ways to enhance their products and differentiate their brands.