Timken Wind Energy Solutions 

Timken helps wind energy customers minimize downtime and lengthen maintenance cycles. We collaborate with wind turbine and gear drive designers and manufacturers to develop solutions that can manage the wide range of operating parameters experienced in advanced wind applications. For operators, we offer a full range of support to help keep equipment running longer and with reduced total cost of ownership.


Timken Wear Resistant Spherical Roller Bearing

New Product Introductions


Timken Products for Every Wind System

Whether you’re running a modular, direct drive or hybrid wind turbine, Timken has the proper solution to enhance bearing and total system life.

Advanced Analysis for Wind Applications

Timken’s proprietary, state-of-the-art methods and simulation tools to calculate bearing system life help wind energy equipment engineers optimize gearbox designs, prevent potential damage modes and reduce development time and cost.

Timken Syber Advanced Analysis Program

Timken engineers use our proprietary Syber Advanced System Analysis to identify operating challenges in wind turbines and specify the right technologies to lengthen bearing life and reduce installation costs and total cost of ownership. Learn more about Syber and our wide range of wind energy capabilities.

Modular, direct drive and hybrid wind turbines are powered by Timken solutions. Discover where Timken technologies are located in each design.

Timken’s flex pin planetary gear system provides greater power in a smaller design envelope, helping gear drive designers reduce weight and improve efficiency. Find out more about flex drive and Timken’s complete portfolio for the wind industry.