Gear Drive 

Better know-how, advanced materials science and higher computing power are driving improvements in all stages of gear drive development and production – leading to significantly smaller gear drive sizes. Gear drive manufacturers turn to Timken for power transmission products, services and expertise that contribute to maximum performance. End users in nearly all mechanical engineering sectors turn to Timken for solutions to meet requirements in operational reliability, production efficiency and uptime.

Timken Offers Bearing Packages Designed Exclusively for Gear Drives

Our product line includes packages for planetary gearboxes such as Planet Pac™ for one- and two-piece straddle carriers and the Timken integrated flexpin bearing for single-walled planetary carriers.

Complete Torque Range

Nearly all bearing types can be used in power transmission engineering. The choice depends on the gear drive design and gear tooth system. From small precision planetary to large-scale cement gearboxes, Timken has reliable and innovative products for the complete torque range.


Through development collaborations with gear drive customers, Timken develops improvements in product efficiency, quality and reliability. This mutual exchange of industry experience with our customers results in constant improvements that impact the entire industry.


Products & Services

Timken provides a comprehensive inch- and metric-bearing portfolio including tapered, spherical, cylindrical, ball, radial ball and thrust bearings for both original equipment manufacturers and end-users. We also provide engineering services to enhance power density and performance in gear drive applications.


Timken provides application solutions for gear drive producers specializing in many industries, from mining and energy to paper and cement. Every industry requires different solutions or tailored gear drives for its applications. Timken helps gear drive customers meet those requirements.