Bearing Manufacturers 

Our in-depth knowledge of bearing materials comes from decades of experience in both bearing manufacturing and steelmaking for bearing applications.


Our steel experts understand the importance of steel quality in producing bearings, and we pass that benefit on to others.

Round Bar Available up to 15-inch OD

Timken's rolled round bar is produced up to a maximum diameter of 15 inches, expanding Timken bar size range from 48 mm (1 7/8 in.) to 381 mm (15 in.).


Because we understand bearings, Timken® bearing grade steel is designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements for cleanliness, machinability and the performance that bearing manufacturers need.

Products & Services

Timken offers steel products appropriate for every bearing manufacturing process, including carburizing and through-hardened grades in the form of forged bar, seamless tubes, rolled bar and more.