Helicopter Transmissions 


Helicopter main and tail rotor transmissions have single paths in the powertrain and withstand a wide range of flying environments, elevations and speeds with reduction to the rotor head. These conditions require that bearings withstand heavy vibrations with a variety of loads and speeds. Ball, cylindrical, spherical and tapered roller bearings can be used for different applications.




Geared Bearings – Planetary speed reduction gear sets must be able to withstand misalignment and heavy thrust loads associated with consistent twisting motion. Our solution to this problem is a double-row spherical bearing with an integral spur gear that provides the outside diameter of the bearing outer ring to be used as low friction bearings in an epcyclical drive train. For most aerospace applications, the bearings are made with integral gears on the outer ring for use in planetary gear sets of speed reduction systems. Typical uses are in main reduction gear drive transmissions for helicopter main rotor drives and turboprop gas turbine aircraft engines.