Automotive Wheel Bearing Grease 

This premium, hi-temp, red grease is specifically formulated to handle the demands of both disc and drum bearing applications. It contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives, offering superior protection in challenging environments.


The National Lubrication Grease Institute (NLGI) certifies this grease to meet the top-rated performance levels in both the chassis grease category (NLGI LB) and the wheel bearing grease category (NLGI GC).

Design Attributes

  • Features an NLGI No. 2 lithium- complex thickener that resists softening and provides the mechanical stability required for demanding applications.
  • Has a 55 Timken OK Load, which means superior load-carrying capability.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-wear and water-resistant additives for extra protection.