Precision Bearings 

Some applications demand a high level of precision that cannot be achieved with standard tapered roller bearings. For more than 50 years, Timken has offered a wide array of precision-class tapered roller bearings with reduced bore and OD tolerances that deliver superior accuracy and control in critical applications. This greater rotational accuracy is required for machine tool applications.



Size range:

ID 30 mm to 45 mm (1.811 in. to 1.7717 in.)

OD 58 mm to 80 mm (2.2835 to 3.1496 in.)


Design Attributes

  • Tighter manufacturing specifications resulting in greater rotational accuracy.
  • Reduced tolerances on bore and outside diameter, creating improved performance in high speed, high temperature applications.
  • Straight race and/or roller profile designs (versus crowned profile designs) for increased accuracy and rigidity.
  • Controlled machining and assembly processes to ensure that components are matched properly and exact specifications are met.
  • High load-carrying capabilities so that bearing fatigue life is enhanced.
  • The ability to be adjusted during installation so that operating torque, shaft rigidity and operating temperature can be precisely controlled.



  • Machining
  • Printing presses
  • Rolling mills
  • Optical grinders
  • Profile cutters
  • Indexing tables
  • Machine tool spindles and drive tables
  • Rolls for special film and coating process equipment