Take-Up Units - Timken Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units

Timken® Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Take-Up Units 

Take-up units are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of demanding applications. They are dimensionally interchangeable with current suppliers for all key characteristics, including the bolt hole and shaft centerline dimensions. Popular part numbers are in stock for immediate availability. Metric sizes also are available. Contact your Timken engineer for details.


Take-Up: Wide Slot

Shaft Size Ranges:
1 3⁄8” thru 3” (35 mm thru 75 mm)

Take-Up: Top Angle

Shaft Size Ranges:
1 3⁄4” thru 4” (45 mm thru 100 mm)

Take-Up: Wide Slot Selection Table

Take-Up: Wide Slot Interchange Table


Take-Up: Top Angle Selection Table

Take-Up: Top Angle Interchange Table


Download the Timken® Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Unit Catalog for specific information on nomenclature, load and speed ratings, bearing selection and life calculations, installation, lubrication and more.


Visit the Timken CAD site to download and insert Type E CAD drawings into your project.