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P900 bearings

Timken's P900 bearings are tapered roller bearings featuring advanced geometry and special finishes on rollers, cups and cones, resulting in increased power throughput, efficiency and durability.


Ideal in mining, rolling mill, aerospace and power generation applications, Timken® DuraSpexx® bearings feature enhanced materials and surface finishes for extended bearing life.

auqspexx bearings

Timken® AquaSpexx® bearings feature a zinc-alloy coating that combats damage caused by water-based corrosion commonly found in rolling mills and other difficult operating environments.

Timken® Wear-Resistant Bearings

Wear-resistant bearings are designed to reduce life-limiting wear problems including micropitting on main shaft spherical roller bearings and micropitting, smearing and brittle flaking on wind turbine gearbox bearings.

Thin Dense Chrome Bearings

Timken's Thin Dense Chrome, or TDC, bearings are specifically designed to provide increased performance in harsh corrosion environments and feature a coating designed for greater strength, hardness and adhesion to bearing surfaces.

Debris Resistant Bearings

Standard Timken® bearings are made to withstand moderate debris contamination using a unique engineering tool that determines the proper debris solution for your operating conditions.

Low Torque Bearings

Timken's low torque bearings reduce vibration, resulting in noise reduction. The design also features a 10 to 15 percent weight reduction compared to traditional Timken bearings.