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Timken Alloy Steel & Steel Components 

Alloy Steel & ComponentsBetter products start with better steel. Focused on service and support, Timken manufactures world-class clean steel that advances critical products in the world’s most demanding applications.


We are dedicated to helping our customers gain world-class performance by tapping into our application knowledge and innovation. We apply what we know to offer engineered high-performance Timken® steel. Our strengths in metallurgy, manufacturing processes and problem-solving drive expert, tailored solutions for your business.


The custom melt the majority of our engineered steel to the customer’s chemistry and manufacturing specifications. We also produce standard ASTM grades and quality-level steel – a higher performing and longer lasting steel that our competitors offer. Where no steel exists that will do the job, we work with customers to develop new steels with the precise metallurgy and specific physical properties to do the job.


In addition to producing steel bar and seamless mechanical tubing, we also offer value-added processing. We convert the bars or tubes into rough or semi-finished parts that eliminate production operations for customers and provide precision deep hole boring and finishing products and services.


Product List

We produce most Timken® alloy steel as solid round or square bars, but we are also one of the world's largest manufacturers of seamless alloy mechanical steel tubing. As part of our value-added solutions, Timken Boring Specialties focuses on many machining processes, such as hole-making, hole-finishing and turning of bars and tubes.


You can find Timken® alloy steel inside the engine, transmission and drive systems where material performance is essential to safe, long and reliable equipment operation. Long-running Timken® bearing use our clean steel to help extend bearing life.


Timken offers a wide range of technical services to help customers select and evaluate the right alloy steel for their applications. In addition, complete Timken supply chain strategies offer efficient warehousing and delivery of steel and steel components to customer facilities.

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Timken has distributors to serve your market's special needs. Use our distributor locator to find the one nearest to you.