Mission, Vision & Core Values 

Our mission, vision and core values guide our transformed company and will propel us into the future. This direction keeps us successfully working together, so we make the world a more productive place and deliver value to our stakeholders.
We make the world more productive by improving the efficiency and reliability of the machinery that keeps industry in motion.
We will improve our customers’ performance and deliver unparalleled value by applying our knowledge of friction management and mechanical power transmission all around the world.




Ethics & Integrity

  • We share a dedication to our founder’s unwavering belief in ethics, honesty and respect.
  • We show respect. We value each other, our suppliers, customers and communities.
  • We act responsibly, exercising sound judgment in our dealings in accordance with our ethical standards and the law.



  • We do what we say we will do, and our products perform as promised.
  • We ensure the quality of our products and services through the thinking of our people and the rigor of our processes.



  • We contribute to a world in motion by creating energy-efficient, innovative solutions that benefit our customers and the environment.
  • We know that progress depends on continuously improving all aspects of our business, and we actively advance those improvements.
  • We create sustainable value through collaboration and a commitment to research and development.



  • We leverage independent thinking to create collective action for the benefit of our stakeholders.
  • We encourage independence in thought and action.
  • We maintain the ability to control our own corporate destiny.
  • We demonstrate an ability and willingness to do things differently.