Maintenance Tools 

Timken offers a large assortment of high-quality induction heaters designed for demanding industrial applications. They can heat and radially expand a wide variety of gears, rings, couplings, bearings and other components.

Large Bore EcoPower™ Induction Heater

Ideal for use with large bore bearings in wind applications, these heaters help mount and dismount components with tight fits. The units heat work pieces faster than conventional methods, and reduce energy consumption by using fewer amps.

Proper mounting is essential to ensure long bearing life. Timken's impact fitting tools are designed to facilitate the safe, precise and quick mounting of bearings, bushings, sealing rings, cam wheels and pulleys.


Timken carries a wide range of self-contained, portable hydraulic pulling systems with capacities from 4 to 30 tons. They're ideal for removing shaft-fitted parts.


Choosing a mechanical puller depends on the required pulling force. Timken offers a variety of options.